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Where You Belong

My daughter and I watched a movie called The Queen of Katwe recently. The movie is based on the true story of a young girl names Phiona who learns to play chess and becomes a national champion in her home country, Uganda.

But Phiona's story is not about winning chess matches. It is about finding where she belongs.

Partway through the movie, Phiona's coach notices something. He sees that her skill is growing, but she is not comfortable with her talent. She is not comfortable because most people who compete in chess matches (in Uganda and throughout the world) come from families with money. They have a good education. They have a very different life than she has had...because she comes from a family with almost nothing. She has grown up not knowing if there will be enough food to eat, without the money or clothes needed to go to school.

So Phiona's coach tells her something important. Her tells her, "Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong."

Those words have stuck with me ever since. They have stuck with me because SO many times in the Bible, God calls people out of the place they are used to to go where they belong.

He called Abraham to leave his home and go somewhere he had never been...

He led Joseph to Egypt so that he could be the leader everyone would need...

He sent Moses to go back to a place he left so he could rescue the Israelites...

He took David out of fields full of sheep to become a king...

The list could go on and on. And when Jesus came, he did the same thing.

He called Peter and Andrew away from their boats so they could fish for people...

He told Zaccheaus to come down from the tree so he could become a friend...

He called Martha out of the kitchen so she could find her true worth...

He even called Lazarus out of the grave so he could remind others what Jesus could do...

Like Phiona, we like what is familiar. But God knows that familiar is not what we need. God has a place for us to be, a job for us to do, and a way for us to live. And if we listen to his call and follow his lead, he will bring us to the place where we belong.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

You can find out more about Phiona and the sports ministry where she learned to play chess by visiting this website. And if you want to spend time with God exploring where you belong in his family, follow up with the activities below!


Read Luke 5:1-11

What is Simon doing when he meets Jesus?

Why does Jesus tell Simon to try again? Why do you think Simon listens to Jesus?

Why do you think Simon leaves his boat behind and follows Jesus after this episode?

How is Jesus leading Simon to where he belongs?


Write a poem, song, or short essay based on Luke 5:1-11. Imagine what Simon might have thought and felt as these things happened. Think about where Simon felt he belonged and where Jesus told him he belonged. Include these things in your writing.


Try a type of prayer that focuses on listening this week. Here are two options:

Listening Prayer: Have an adult read Luke 5:1-11 to you out loud a couple of times. Just listen and see if one word or maybe a two-word phrase stands out in your memory when you are done. If so, think about why God might be pointing you to that word or phrase.

Praying in Color: Grab some colored pencils or crayons and draw while you pray. You can write words, make pictures, or just doodle...but let everything on your paper come out of your prayer...what you say to God and what he might be saying to you. Listening to music while you pray in color can be a helpful tool, too.

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