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If you have ever seen a movie set in the past...maybe about a hundred years ago...or eighty...or even sixty...you may have seen people standing on a street corner passing out newspapers to people. This was something people actually did before people read the news on computers and phones.

And when people passed out the newspapers, they usually yelled out the headline or title of the latest news story and shouted, "Read all about it!"

The Gospel of Luke begins kind of like this. Luke tells his friend Theophilus (and all of us who are reading this later), that he has read eyewitness accounts and investigated everything about Jesus, like a reporter would do. And this, he says, is his news story about what he has learned. And he invites us to read all about it.

He includes details about John the Baptist and his parents, (Elizabeth and Zechariah), Gabriel, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the angels, and even Simeon and Anna (who met and recognized Jesus as the Messiah when he was just a week old). It is a great way to "read all about it." If you keep reading far enough, you'll even find a list of the ancestors of Jesus like the one in Matthew...except that this one goes all the way back to Adam!

Luke obviously likes to include a lot of information. He is the kind of person who likes to give a full report with plenty of details. And God used his attention to detail to share the story of Jesus with millions of people who have read his Gospel.

But remember...God also used Matthew's approach to make sure people would remember who Jesus was and why Jesus came, to remind them that the birth of Jesus is not the beginning of a new story but the highlight of one that began many generations ago. And, God used Mark's writing to make sure people would remember to look for Jesus in the wilderness, to remember that he did not come to be a king here on earth but to make it possible for us to join him in the kingdom of heaven.

God uses different people to tell the same story because he knows people need to hear it told in different ways. We need to hear ALL the versions because each one shares different, important truths. Next week, we'll look at the way God uses the Gospel of John. Until then, read all about what Luke has to say and get creative in how you respond to it!


Read Luke 1:46-55

This is how Mary responded to the news that she was going to be the mother of Jesus. Why do you think Luke included this in his Gospel? What do you find interesting about Mary's words?


Write your own version of the Christmas story. You can write the words only, or you can add pictures. You can even tell the story using only pictures! Just use the talents God has given you to tell his story.


Ask your family members to share their favorite part of the Christmas story. And be sure to ask them why that part of the story means so much to them.

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