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40 Days of Lent

Try these discipleship ideas for the season of Lent!


Discover the significance of 40 days...

Genesis 7...40 Days of Rain
Exodus 16...40 Years of Food
Exodus 24...40 Days with God
Numbers 13 & 14...40 Years of Wandering
1 Samuel 17...40 Days of Fear
Jonah 3...40 Days of Warning
Luke 4...40 Days of Temptation


Respond creatively...

Raindrop Art - Dip a paintbrush into water and watercolor paints so the brush is very wet. Drip it onto paper to create 40 drops.
One Ingredient - Choose a common food ingredient and see how many different ways you can prepare and eat it during Lent. Aim for 40!
Describing God - Make a list of words that describe God. See if you can come up with 40...or more! If you like, turn them into a poem or story about God.
Milk and Honey - Read Numbers 13 and imagine what the Promised Land looked like. Then, draw or paint a picture of what you see in your mind. 
Scary Faces - Draw 40 different scary faces, one for every day Goliath scared the Israelites. If you like, turn them into a comic strip and add quotes!
The Art of Repenting - To repent means to admit what you have done wrong and want to do better. Create art based on the word repent.
Waiting - With adult help, bake something with yeast. You'll need to wait for the dough to rise. As you wait, remember how Jesus waited 40 days to eat!


Remember his messages and experience his presence...

Changing Seasons - Lent begins in winter and ends in the spring. Notice how the weather changes each day. Let God amaze you with his natural wonders; pray, write, or draw in response if you like.   
The Same Thing - Choose one small thing to eat every day for 40 days...and notice whether you get tired of it or not. Thank God for providing it even if you do!
With Jesus - Choose one part of your day (like a ride in the car) and imagine that Jesus is with you, literally. Make space for him and enjoy his company. 
Counting Steps - Choose a moment in the day when you walk about 40 steps (like going into school) and use the time to imagine where God will lead you in your life.
Giants - Think about the giants in your life...the things that scare you. Imagine how small they look to God. Ask him to help you defeat them. 
Dress to Remember - Choose something to wear to help you remember God's mercy...on Nineveh and on you. It might be something purple (for Lent), something black (for sin), or something white (for forgiveness). 
Worship - Jesus reminds us to worship God and God alone. Turn on some music that helps you worship...and listen, sing, and dance as you feel led.
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